HOS/MPR Hand Operated Spur

HOS/MPR Hand Operated Spur Gearbox

The HOS/MPR gear operators are manufactured from high quality materials and life tested ensuring that maximum performance, quality and reliability are consistently maintained.

Operating temperature normally ranges from -40 ºC to 120 ºC, although other temperature ranges are available on request.


Rotork's HOS/MPR series operators are multi-turn devices intended for the operation of gate, globe, sluice and penstock valves. These gearboxes can be used above and underground with upward or downward input orientation.


  • Torque range up to 15,917 Nm (11,740 lbf.ft)
  • Thrust range up to 1,557 kN (350,000 lbf)
  • 13 sizes
  • Ratios from 2.04:1 to 151.9:1
  • Carefully chosen ratios to meet manual rim effort requirements
  • Protected steel input shaft
  • Totally enclosed gearing
  • Cast iron gearcase
  • Ductile iron baseplate
  • Grease filled for life
  • Maintenance free
  • Sealed to IP67
  • Protected steel fasteners
  • Primed finish


  • High Temperature to +150 °C or + 200 °C
  • Low Temperature to -60 °C
  • IP68
  • Stainless Steel input shaft
  • Coating for aggressive environments
  • Position indicators
  • Two speed input reducers
  • Fixed & Flexible Extensions
  • Firesafe to ISO 10497
  • Padlock
  • Gloss paint finish
  • Interlock Safety System

See HOS/MPR Literature Page for further details.

HOS/MPR Hand Operated Spur Gearbox