Snap Acting Relay (M24)

Snap Acting Relay (M24)

The Model 24 Snap Acting Relay is a highly accurate differential relay with snap-acting switching. The output of the unit will go to supply pressure when the signal is equal to or greater than the setpoint. The signal pressure must fall below the set point to return the output to zero. This pneumatic relay's Near Zero Throttling and Pilot Staging result in true snap-action in your application.


  • Control Sensitivity of 1/8" water column
  • Balanced supply valve
  • Aspirator tube design
  • Separate control chamber
  • Unit construction


  • Designed for use in precision applications
  • Minimises the effects of supply pressure variation
  • Compensates for output pressure droop under flow conditions
  • Isolates the diaphragm from the main flow to eliminate hunting and buzzing
  • Allows servicing without removal from air line

See PUB103-068 for further information.