CML-1500 and CML-3000

CML-1500 and CML-3000 performance data CML1500/3000 Linear Actuator

CML-1500 and CML-3000 Linear Control Valve Actuators

Electric actuators for advanced automation of large control valves

Combining high thrust output with a 4.5" (114.3 mm) stroke length, CML now enables the automation of larger control valves with higher pressure ratings.

CML-1500 and CML-3000 maintain the array of features and functions available with the existing CMA range while substantially extending the performance capabilities for direct drive linear valves.

CML actuators provide an all-electric alternative to spring diaphragm actuators where pneumatic supply is not available or supply issues exist. CMA can also offer significant emission reductions compared to equivalent pneumatic actuators and the necessary infrastructure required to support them.

  • Seating thrust up to 4,500 lbf (20 kN)
  • Modulating thrust up to 3,000 lbf (13.3 kN)
  • Less than 1 watt standby power
  • Accurate and repeatable position control with 0.1% accuracy
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Explosionproof to international standards
  • Optional Reserve Power Pack (RPP) for fail-to-position operation
  • Integral local controls and positional display
  • Built-in HMI allows for quick and simple setup
  • Compatible with a wide variety of fieldbus, hardwired and analogue site systems
  • Suitable for 1-phase or DC power supplies
  • Encoder technology for dependable position measurement
  • Suitable for mounting in any orientation
  • Fully enclosed ball screw drive train for increased reliability and efficiency at higher thrust
  • Permanently lubricated, maintenance-free drive train
  • Zero stick slip during operation
  • Brushless DC motor for reliable, accurate, S9 / Class D continuous modulation capability

See CMA Range Literature Page for further details.

CML-1500 and CML-3000 performance data CML1500/3000 Linear Actuator