Data logger

CVA Datalogger

Remote Diagnosis - Bluetooth®

The CVA utilises Bluetooth® communication for fast, safe, non-intrusive data exchange. Actuator set-up configuration can be analysed and, if required, easily changed.

As every CVA includes an onboard data logger, operational data such as valve torque profiles, actuator events and statistics can be downloaded for detailed investigation.

After analysis, any changes to the actuator set-up configuration can be relayed back to the actuator.

Valve Diagnostics

A data logger is provided, which could help to detect potential valve problems. Ideally, by detecting problems preventative maintenance can be performed before a failure occurs.

The data logger stores operational data relating to the valve position and load, which can be monitored over time.

Typically, after installation, an actuator snapshot will be recorded which may be used for comparison at a later date.

Comparison may be either through human analysis or through automatic alarm level tripping.

CVA Datalogger

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Dwell Time Logging

The total accumulated time spent within each 1% portion of stroke is recorded by the CVA data logger. This data may provide essential information regarding the valve sizing, control loop tuning and process stability.

For example, a valve sized for a specified process requirement to provide optimum control ranging around the 50% position should have a dwell time centred around the 50% position. Offsets towards the open or closed positions may indicate under or oversizing of the valve or process conditions outside design specification. A broad characteristic may confirm significant process rangeability or indicate instability. Coupled with other process data, valve dwell time can provide information leading to improved efficiency and production.

A reference dwell profile can be recorded shortly after the installation of the actuator to be used to check for sizing and stability. This may then be used for comparison in the future.