CK Atronik Control

CK Atronik Control

The Atronik control module adds an intermediate level integral solution to the modular CK range.

CKA - Atronik isolating duty actuator
CKRA - Atronik modulating duty actuator

It offers modest control and feedback, and optimises the integral starter approach to offer simplified electronics, creating a robust control package for CK actuators.

CK actuators equipped with the Atronik control module provide a ready-to-operate actuation solution. The motor switch gear, power supply components and integral control logic interface allow local operation of the actuator with only an adequate power supply. There is built-in fault detection with clear LED indication.

The inclusion of the Atronik increases the flexibility of options across the CK range, allowing customers different choices for all actuation requirements.

Features and benefits:

  • Atronik increases flexibility of options across the CK range
  • Integral local control selectors and motor starter enable operation with only a power supply
  • Programmable relays and analogue feedback for complete system integration
  • Analogue control for positioning applications
  • Modest integral controls to meet the standard requirements of site specification
  • Clear LED display interface for status indication
  • Fast and efficient maintenance due to plug and socket connections
  • Network bus connectivity
  • Simple configuration via on board DIP switches
  • Digital electronic based controls with microprocessordriven, easily-defined functionality

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