CK Base Options

Reliable Valve Interfacing

CK actuator mounting flange dimensions are in compliance with ISO 5210 or MSS SP-102. Please refer to the technical data section of PUB111-001 for further details.

Output Drive Couplings

All CK range output couplings are offered in accordance to ISO 5210.

CK actuators have a B1 (bore & key) output drive type as standard. B3 (bore & key) and B4 (blank) are available through the use of adapter sleeves designed to insert into the standard B1 output. B1, B3 and B4 couplings are designed for use with torque only applications such as non-rising valves or second stage gearboxes.

In addition to the B type couplings detailed above, an A type thrust base is available. This assembly is detachable from the actuator base so it can remain in place on the valve during maintenance activities. The A type coupling is designed for use with thrust applications such as rising stem valves.