Conventional Thermal Power

Rotork - Conventional Thermal Power

From coal to natural gas, fossil fuel accounts for the majority of power generation around the world.

Rotork provides solutions for managing control valves and dampers, steam and water isolation valves in order to meet the most stringent requirements and keep our customer’s power generation facilities running smoothly, safely and efficiently.

Rotork’s products meet the needs of traditional power stations providing energy efficient and cost effective flow control solutions that help plants meet and exceed modern regulations.

Rotork actuators - including electric, pneumatic and hydraulic- have been designed to operate in extreme environments, including severe vibration, high temperature and dust in the atmosphere.

Our products control many key areas in power plants, preventing excess emissions and managing the temperatures and pressures within the plants, as well as enabling the efficiency of burn and preventing wastage of fuel.

With a comprehensive product portfolio and over 60 years of experience, Rotork’s expertise helps to deliver improved safety, greater productivity and reduced maintenance for plants and equipment.

Our specialist knowledge means that we can customise the range of solutions that we offer, dependent on the industry and application or customer requirements. Whether you are a producer of chemicals for use as lubricants, adhesives or battery and fuel cells; a mining company; a manufacturer of iron, steel and aluminium materials; a producer of paper, glass or cement; or part of the wider manufacturing industry, Rotork can help you meet your goals.

Extending across this broad range of industries which convert key raw materials such as hydrocarbons, minerals and gases in to manufactured products, as well as their safe transportation and storage, Rotork products offer quality and high performance in all applications.