HOW/MPR Hand Operated Worm

HOW/MPR Hand Operated Worm

Hand Operated Worm Gearbox

Designed to suit manual applications, the HOW/MPR worm gear operators are quarter-turn devices intended for the operation of ball, plug and butterfly valves.

The HOW/MPR gear operators include low lead angle gearing designed to be inherently self-locking.

Torque range from 39,000 Nm (28,765 lbf.ft) to 264,000 Nm (194,716 lbf.ft). 9 sizes. Ratios from 1229:1 to 7171:1.

  • Carefully chosen ratios to meet manual rim effort requirements
  • Protected steel input shaft
  • Removable output sleeve
  • Ductile iron gearcase
  • Angular contact bearings supporting worm shaft
  • Repositionable baseplate facility

Options include:

  • High and low temperatures
  • Stainless steel input shaft
  • All types of environment
  • Limit switches
  • Fixed and flexible extensions
  • Chain wheels

See HOW/MPR Series Literature Page for further details.

HOW/MPR Hand Operated Worm