Our Purpose, Vision & Values

Our Purpose

Our purpose 'Keeping the World Flowing for Future Generations', is the reason we exist and helps guide both our culture and our values. It is a powerful motivator, encouraging us to make a positive difference to people’s lives not just today, but also in the future.

The quality of our products and services help our customers around the world to improve efficiency, assure safety and reduce environmental impact while providing vital resources to those who need them.

Our purpose is core to our strategy and with committed leadership and investment, we are driving sustained profitable growth.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the industry leader that is respected and admired by our customers and competitors for its people, performance and products.

Our vision helps define where we are going. Our success flows from our commitment to engineering excellence.

With a global presence we support our customers worldwide through a programme of  innovative product development and digitisation. We focus on exceeding expectations by developing a high-performance culture which incorporates continuous improvement to achieve commercial and operational excellence.

Our Values

Our values guide how we work together to support our customers and partners on a daily basis. They define our behaviours and help us to deliver a high performing culture.

They describe what is important to us to ensure our culture is consistent wherever we operate in the world. They represent how we should behave in order for Rotork to be successful.

  • Stronger Together - We put people first, we collaborate, inspire and support each other to win as One Rotork
  • Always Innovating - We're committed to continuous improvement, thinking differently and improving for the future
  • Trusted Partner - We're a responsible business proud of our customer focus. We put quality and service at our heart

Our values demonstrate what’s important to us to help achieve our Growth Acceleration Programme and our vision by working together as one global team, supporting each other as One Rotork.