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Modbus® remains the most popular process communication protocol in use today with the widest acceptance and highest number of applied systems of any automation protocol.

Rotork’s Modbus® interface card allows actuators to be connected to a 2 wire RS485 network for direct communication to a PLC or DCS using Modbus® RTU protocol. The resulting network is able to monitor and control the connected actuator.

As the Modbus® protocol is so simple the system engineer has full control over the data flow on the highway and the information to be collected and controls implemented.

There are no complications with device description files or special programming tools required when setting up a Modbus® system.

See Modbus® Literature Page for further details

Modbus Logo
  • RS485 2 wire RTU communication.
  • International open standard.
  • Single and Dual redundant options.
  • Integral Repeater modules included where necessary.
  • Up to 115 kB.