Relations with Shareholders

We enjoy an active dialogue with our investors, advisers and the investment community. Our Chief Executive, Group Finance Director and our Investor Relations Director regularly communicate with our major shareholders, and over the course of the 2019 financial year have engaged with investors representing over half of our issued share capital. In 2019, they attended over 200 meetings, with over 125 separate institutions and have also participated in roadshows, hosted webcasts and attended shareholder events. The views expressed by investors are shared with the full Board at each Board meeting, via an investor relations update and the Board takes these views into account in its wider decision making. In addition this year Tim Cobbold has personally engaged with shareholders covering over 35% of the register as part of our Remuneration Policy review. Tim shared the responses with the full Remuneration Committee whose subsequently incorporated shareholder feedback into their deliberations. Further details on the draft Remuneration Policy can be found on pages 84-85 of the Annual Report 2019. Download the Annual Report here.

The Chairman ensures that all directors are made aware of major shareholder issues and concerns by ensuring the Board receives reports on meetings with analysts and shareholders. In addition, the Board receives reports from its brokers which give anonymised feedback from investors.

Electronic communications are also used by Rotork to communicate with its shareholders. All shareholders can request to receive the Annual Report & Accounts in electronic form rather than in hard copy form. Any shareholders wishing to receive corporate documents electronically can do this by registering for the service at and clicking on ‘Register’ under the ‘Shareview Portfolio’ section. Rotork also makes available electronic proxy appointment for shareholders who wish to appoint a proxy online to vote at the Company’s AGM.