PM/DM Series

PM-DM Series Type K Damper Drive

Rotork Type K rotary pneumatic damper drives are offered in two basic configurations; the PM Series (Pedestal Mount) and the DM Series (Direct Mount). Both Series provide accurate quarter-turn control to dampers on combustion air and flue gas applications. They offer modulating control, isolation open / close control and bus network control to fit your operating needs.

See brochure for a complete listing of boiler, furnace and process heater applications, torques and speeds and control options.

  • Improved damper operation – higher torque output with same footprint
  • 100% duty cycle, rated for continuous modulating service
  • High torque / high speed – up to 20,800 lbf.ft with stroke speed as low as 3 seconds full scale
  • Easily serviced with ‘open frame’ design
  • Excellent in harsh, high-temperature environments
  • Virtually zero air bleed in resting state
  • ‘Drop-in-Place’ retrofit eliminated field engineering, speeds up installation

With a Type K retrofit damper drive:

  • The drive shaft and drive lever are in the exact same place relative to the floor mounting bolt holes
  • The base and mounting holes will match the existing drive
  • The lever will be dimensionally identical to the existing lever and will rotate through the same arc
  • No costly field design or fabrication
  • Complete field support offer by the extensive Rotork Site Services global network

The Type K FasTraK programme offers PM Series drives with one week delivery to replace the most common legacy damper drives. 12 models available.

Please see this Case Study as an example of how TYPE-K DM can be retrofitted to an existing plant to reduce emission and improve reliability.

See the Type K Catalogue for further details.

PM-DM Series Type K Damper Drive