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Precision Control Instruments

Rotork Instruments Product Collage

Rotork Instruments offers high performance and precision for all its products. The products offered within this division include market leading regulators, boosters, relays and transducers.

The pneumatic pressure regulators reduce an unregulated high input pressure to a regulated lower output pressure. Its primary function is to maintain the regulated output pressure under flowing and non-flowing conditions.

The electro-pneumatic transducers are accurate, compact, lightweight and fast responding. Some models include analogue feedback input option that controls the process variable independent or transducer output.

Pneumatic air volume booster reproduce a low flow control signal with a higher regulated flow output pressure. It uses an unregulated input pressure to maintain a regulated output pressure under flowing and non-flowing conditions.

Pneumatic relays perform mathematical functions on one or more input signals that result in a single regulated pneumatic output.

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