LA Series - Electric Linear Actuators

The LA-2000 Series are self-contained, bi-directional, linear actuators internally geared to produce up to 1,600 lbf. (7,117 N) of thrust. Some models also offer continuous modulating duty up to 2,000 starts per hour. A variety of speeds, thrusts, motors, voltages and control options are available which make the LA-2000 Series ideally suited for reliable positioning of dampers, combustion controls, gates, diverters, hydraulic variable speed drives, or other linear positioning applications.

LA-2000 Series actuators are also available with an internal or external amplifier. These amplifiers are all full-featured AC or DC switching devices designed to work seamlessly with the actuator for closed loop control.

Details of the product range are available from the links below and the menu on the left.

  • LA-2400 for thrusts from 150 to 1,500 lbf. (667 to 6,672 N)/stroke distance from 6" to 24" (152 to 610 mm)
  • LA-2500 for thrusts from 800 to 1,600 lbf. (3,558 to 7,117 N)/stroke distance from 6" to 24" (152 to 610 mm)