Introducing the CK Range

Technologically innovative while incorporating proven engineering, Rotork watertight CK range actuators are suitable for all valves in non-hazardous locations.

Rotork has developed the CK actuator range to provide a state-of-the-art product to the valve industry. The CK product range includes standard multi-turn actuators through to intelligent Centronik equipped actuators.

Features and Benefits

  • Modular design providing flexibility and configurability to suit your application
  • Safe motor-independent handwheel operation available at all times
  • Suitable for high temperature and strong vibration environments using separately mounted controls
  • Fast and efficient maintenance and commissioning due to plug and socket connections
  • Oil bath lubrication for extended life and mounting in any orientation
  • Local operation, configuration and commissioning with Centronik module, close coupled or remotely mounted up to 100 m from actuator
  • IP68 8 m for 96 hours - double-sealing as standard
  • Rapid and secure commissioning and configuration using local controls or setting tool
  • Increased protection by using independent torque and position sensing
  • Data extraction for analysis, diagnostics and asset management
  • Continuous mechanical valve position indication even without power
  • Hollow output drive to accept rising valve stems
  • Detachable thrust and non-thrust base options
  • Direct output torque range: 10 - 500 Nm (7 - 369 lbf.ft)
  • Max. torque with multi-turn gearbox: 10,800 Nm (8,000 lbf.ft)
  • Max. torque with quarter-turn gearbox: 205,600 Nm (151,600 lbf.ft)