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Description Document Number Old Number
IQT Pro Part-turn Battery Fail-safe Installation and Maintenance Manual - Legacy PUB002-029 E176
IQTF (IQT Pro Full-turn) Multiport Basic Setting Instructions - Legacy PUB002-030 E177
IQ Pro Multi-turn / IQT Pro Part-turn - Basic Setting Instructions - Legacy PUB002-031 E178
A Range Sales Brochure (Legacy) PUB003-001 E210
A Range Installation and Maintenance Manual (Legacy) PUB003-002 E270
AWT Optional remote circuits (Legacy) PUB005-005 E321
AWT Electric Motor Performance 3 phase (Legacy) PUB005-006 E330
AWT Paint Information (Legacy) PUB005-007 E351
AWT Switch Mechanism Turns Selection (Legacy) PUB005-008 E352
IQ Mk2 Modulating Actuators - Electric Motor Performance Data - Legacy PUB002-032 E430
AQ Range Installation and Maintenance Manual PUB006-001 E570
Q Range Sales Brochure PUB007-001 E610
Q Range Control and Monitoring Facilities PUB007-002 E620
Q Range Installation and Maintenance Manual PUB007-003 E670
ROM Installation and Maintenance Manual PUB008-005 E671
ROMpak Installation and Maintenance Instructions PUB008-006 E672
GP Range Installation and Maintenance Manual PUB011-004 F130
GH Installation and Maintenance Manual PUB011-007 F131
P Range Dimension Data 250 Spring Return - Legacy PUB012-002 F141
P Range Installation and Maintenance Instructions - Legacy PUB012-003 F170
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