Rotork announces the acquisition of Schischek


Rotork announces the acquisition of Schischek

Rotork p.l.c., the market leading actuator manufacturer and flow control company, has announced the acquisition of the entire share capital of the operating companies of the Schischek group. Schischek is a leader in the design, manufacture and sale of explosion-proof electric actuators, sensors, transmitters and controllers, principally for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), chemical, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding and offshore industries.

The acquisition increases Rotork’s existing range of explosion-proof actuators and provides Rotork with exposure to an attractive new end market.

Schischek product ranges encompass rotary and linear electric actuators and control systems providing on-off and positional control for 2 and 3-way valves and dampers, including spring-return options. Actuator ranges are complemented by transmitting and switching sensors for differential pressure, temperature and humidity and other accessories including door holder magnets.

Designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards and in accordance with ATEX94/9/EC, Schischek products are suitable for operation in Ex zones 1, 2, 21, & 22 where gases, vapours, mists and dust may be present in the environment. Widespread applications include many industrial processes that use potentially explosive media, extraction units in tunnel systems or air flow control units in chemical laboratories, dust extraction systems in paint lines, waste water plants, container ships and tankers, oil and gas platforms and gas pipeline compressor stations.

Schischek products are used throughout the world and are approved and certificated by Ex, UL, CSA (both US and Canada), ExGostR and IECEx. Products are also IP66 and SIL2 rated.

Commenting on the acquisition Rotork said:

“Schischek is an excellent addition to Rotork’s Controls division.  Schischek’s explosion-proof products, which are highly regarded for their quality and reliability, will enhance our range of electric actuators and enlarge our addressable market.”

Schischek was founded by Alexander Schischek and has its main sites in Langenzenn near Nuremberg in Southern Germay and Lutzenberg in Switzerland. For over 25 years Schischek has supplied electric explosion-proof products worldwide for use in HVAC, Industrial and Offshore applications.

The industry proven product range includes quarter-turn and linear electric actuators, sensors - both transmitting and switching for differential pressure, temperature, humidity etc - as well as a range of accessories and complementary control products.

Explosion-proof valve actuators have been central to the Schischek success story - quarter-turn rotary ‘Max’ actuators for ball and butterfly valves and linear ‘Run’ for globe and control valves.

Schischek has pioneered its own colour coding to indicate, at a glance, the appropriate application area thus avoiding any installation errors:

• Yellow for Schischek ‘Ex’ products for Ex zones 1, 2, 21 & 22

• Red for Schischek ‘Red’ products for Ex zones 2 & 22

• Green for Schischek ‘In’ products for safe area industrial applications.

Quarter-turn ‘Max’ actuators are available with and without spring return and have options for on-off, 3-position and modulating control. Torques range from 5Nm to 150Nm without spring return and 5Nm to 60Nm with spring return. A self adaptable power supply allows actuators to operate from supplies ranging from 24 - 240VAC/DC, an extremely useful feature. Opening and closing times may be selected on the device. Operating temperatures range from -40°C to +40°C with a T6 temperature classification, the best possible. Spring return actuators are suitable for certain application fields up to and including SIL2.

Linear ‘Run’ actuators are ideal for the automation of globe and 3-way valves. With the same comprehensive range of control modes as the ‘Max’ actuators, forces range from 0.5kN to 10kN. Again, running times may be selected on board the device and stroke length may be set from 5mm to 60mm. Operating temperatures range from -20°C to +40°C at the T6 temperature classification.

New to the product range is the ‘Lin’ rotary to linear conversion device used in conjunction with ‘Max’ for linear valve actuation where spring return fail-safe operation is essential. ‘Lin’ allows all the functionality of the ‘Max’ actuator to be utilised in linear fail-safe applications.