Advanced VRCS Range

Advanced VRCS

The Rotork Advanced Valve Remote Control System starts with the self-contained micro power pack E-ACT-C type electro-hydraulic actuator with integral electronic control unit), and goes up to the “I/O Control Cabinet” which contains main and backup communication cards, power distribution, serial interface and a touchscreen panel for local control.

The system has been designed with full redundancy in mind – considering both power and communications. If one of the two lines of each group is cut, the other one will remain connected and operative. If an E-ACT-C micro power pack is damaged or totally lost, the others will be still connected and operational.

Main features and benefits of the Rotork Advanced VRCS include:

  • Removal of hydraulic tubing
  • Less bulkhead penetrations
  • Replacement of HPP and HSVC for smaller control cabinets
  • Lower overall system cost
  • Reduction of installation and maintenance costs
  • Full diagnostic capabilities
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Full system redundancy
  • On request, turnkey installation may be supplied
Advanced VRCS

Download the Masso Advanced VRCS brochure for further details.
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