Process Control Legacy Products

Installation & Maintenance Instructions

AD Series Amplifiers (Jordan)

AD-7300 series servo amplifier
AD-7500 series servo amplifier
AD-7530 Linear DC drive
AD-7700 series amplifiers
AD-7830 series servo amplifier
AD-8130 & AD-8230 servo amplifiers
AD-8140 & AD-8240 servo amplifiers
AD-8800 series on-off static output servo amplifier
AD-8850 & AD-8860 servo amplifiers

EC Series Powered Transmitters (Jordan)

EC-10656 loss of signal
EC-10728 & EC-10729 AC powered transmitters
EC-10797 signal conversion module
EC-10809 Battery back-up module

GPSA Range Actuator (Jordan)

GPSA Instruction manual

LA Series Actuators (Jordan)

LA-1500 series Linear actuators
LA-2300 series Electric Linear actuators
LA-2800 series Electric Linear actuators
LA-2900 series Linear actuators
LA-5100 series Linear actuators
LA-5200 series Linear actuators
LA-5300 series Electric Linear actuators

MV Series Actuators (Jordan)

MV-1005 electronic actuator

MV-1100 series linear electric valve actuator
MV-1100/AD-8110 series electric sliding stem valve operators

Position Transmitters/Sensors (Jordan)

PF-1010 position sensor and PT-1010 position transmitter
PF-1210 position sensor
PT-1300 position transmitter
PT-1400 two wire position transmitter
ST-4100 series AC line-powered transmitters
ST-4130 series 2-wire transmitter
LF-1210 position sensor
MT-6210 Position indication meter

SM Series Actuators (Jordan)

SM-1015 digital actuator

SM-1020 process variable actuator
SM-1020-0144 electronic actuator for HART communication
SM-1020-0107 electronic actuator for HART communication Spanish
SM-1020-0107 electronic digital actuators
SM-1100 series Rotary actuator
SM-1500 & SM-1600 Series Instruction Manual
SM/LA-3300 series failsafe actuators
SM/LA-3330 series failsafe actuators with built in AD-8200 amplifiers

QT Series Actuators (Jordan)

QT series on/off 90deg electric valve actuator
QT series on/off 90deg electric valve actuator

TA Series Actuators (Jordan)

TA-1200 series throttle actuator

Miscellaneous (Jordan)

CS-7200 series control stations
MC-1100 Electric to Pneumatic converter
MT-6220 series remote control/readout
RP-4000 reserve power control