Rotork Management Board

The Rotork’s Management Board (‘RMB’) is the executive committee of Rotork directors responsible for ensuring the development, implementation and execution of Group strategy. The RMB meets at least quarterly during the year.

Kevin Hostetler

Chief Executive

Kevin Hostetler Biography

Jonathan Davis

Finance Director

Jonathan Davis Biography

Grant Wood

Managing Director: Rotork Controls

Grant Wood Biography

David Littlejohns

Managing Director: Rotork Gears

David Littlejohns Biography

Alan Paine

Managing Director: North America

Alan Paine Biography

Tim Bessex

Interim Group Sales & Marketing Director

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Kathy Callaghan

Group Human Resources Director

Kathy Callaghan Biography

Paul Burke

Chief Information Officer

Paul Burke Biography

Peter Matton

Managing Director: Rotork Fluid Systems

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Kiet Huynh

Managing Director: Rotork Instruments

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