PAX1 Linear Actuator

PAX1 Low voltage linear actuator

The PAX1 is a flexible low voltage DC powered linear actuator featuring a 25 mm maximum thrust rod stroke moving at speeds up to 60 mm/min and a maximum thrust of 2,890 N (650 lbf) all in a flameproof enclosure.

  • IP rating Type 4X / Type 6P / IP66 / IP68
  • FM explosionproof
  • Temperature range: -40 to +80 ºC (-40 to +176 ºF)
  • Low power consumption less than 1 Watt during standby, which is ideal for installations in isolated locations
  • Optional isolated 4-20 mA position feedback
  • Overall stroke and alarm limits are defined by end user

See PUB136-001 for further details.