The Skilmatic range of actuators offer a unique and reliable solution for electric fail safe and modulating control for both quarter-turn and linear valves and dampers.

The actuators have been specifically designed for use in critical failsafe applications utilising an integral spring mechanism which provides the most reliable means of positioning valves to a pre-determined safe position to suit the process requirements.

Introducing the new 3rd Generation Skilmatic SI Range

The Skilmatic range of self-contained actuators, combine the simplicity of electrical operation with the precision of hydraulic control and the reliability of mechanical fail-safe action. With the introduction of the new highly intelligent control and monitoring system, the 3rd Generation Skilmatic SI actuators provide the ideal solution for two position, safety shutdown in SIS or precise modulating control applications.

3rd Generation Skilmatic SI provide the benefits of reliable valve actuation by combining existing proven Skilmatic features with the benefits of a new advanced dual-stacked display, monitoring, datalogging, enhanced PST capability and communications (HART now available). The 3rd Generation options provide the ability to provide a valve signature profile and characterise the output. With the combination of the Rotork's non-intrusive intrinsically safe Bluetooth Setting Tool, the actuator configuration and datalogger files can be transferred from the field and to a standard PC for analysis and storage.

The standard range consists of two product categories SI2 and S3, both spring return, low pressure and high pressure respectively.

The SI4 range offers flexibility and customisation to suit specific application, with integrated control module; a hydraulic manifold; and a power unit consisting of a motor, hydraulic pump and reservoir. They are available in double-acting or spring-return configurations for larger valve applications with a range of options including accumulators as an alternative form of stored energy.

  • Linear thrust output 1.7 to 5,000 kN
  • Quarter-turn torque output 65 to 500,000 Nm
  • 1-phase, 3-phase or 24VDC power supply options
  • Two position fail safe or modulating control with valve flow characterisation
  • Designed for use in critical safety shutdown applications
  • Partial stroke test capability -activated remotely or locally
  • Data logger - records the last 3000 events, trends & alarms
  • Non intrusive setting tool Infrared & Bluetooth - for configuration, interrogation and downloading of data
  • Improved data download and transfer speed via Bluetooth
  • Valve Torque / Thrust signature and profile measured and recorded
  • Rotork InSight II software allows the actuator performance to be downloaded for analyses and storage
  • 32 character multilingual LCD display
  • Status & monitoring diagnostics
  • Independent alarm /status output relays
  • ATEX,IEC and EAC certified 
  • Optional bus communications via all major protocols
  • ESD/PSD options including dual inputs and various solenoid configurations

See Skilmatic literature page for further details.

Skilmatic Range