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Whether you need remote control of a few motorised valves, or full automation of a complex plant, Pakscan™ can help you to achieve significant savings in both time and costs.

Pakscan™ enables the remote control of actuators and valves over a simple single twisted pair data highway, removing the need for heavy multicore cables. It also includes built-in field network redundancy to ensure control will be maintained even in the event of equipment or cable failure.

A Pakscan™ network loop is controlled by a Rotork Master Station device available in single, dual or hot standby configuration. A single Pakscan™ network can control up to 240 actuators or other field devices, using secure field communications. The field data highway cable may be up to 20 km in length so even distant valves can easily be incorporated into the network, without the need for repeaters.

Simple to install and simple to use, the highly successful Pakscan™ system has proved its value on many varied sites with over 170,000 Pakscan™ actuators installed worldwide.

For further details see Pakscan™ Literature Page.

Pakscan Logo