Pakscan Ethernet Demo

Pakscan Ethernet

Network and Internet actuator control

The Pakscan 2 wire communication system now comes with Ethernet local area network capability and a web server. The Pakscan Ethernet master station allows Ethernet technology to reach right down to the control of valves and actuators by providing the link between the field network and the LAN or Internet.

The Pakscan single fault tolerant, 2-wire twisted pair, digital network connects the actuators to the Pakscan Ethernet master station. The plug and play system ensures simple connection and rapid commissioning of the plant and a proven host connection.

The communication and control from the master station to the host control system or In-Vision package is all via an Ethernet Modbus TCP data link. In addition a TCP/IP connection is included and the Ethernet link can handle multiple concurrent users.

The web server application resident in all Pakscan Ethernet master stations means that control and diagnostics of the actuators and field network can be carried out remotely, over the internet if required, using only a computer with internet browsing capabilities.

Pakscan Ethernet

Try this yourself right now. The link below will take you to real systems running in our facilities in the UK and USA. You can see the valves and actuators and the diagnostics included as standard in every one.

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