A Range

'A' Range Electric Actuator

The 'A' range combined the qualities of a robust electric motor and a simple mechanical drive. It had total environmental sealing to IP68 to allow the inclusion of integral motor starter and control electronics. First launched in the 1960s, the ‘A’ range is now a legacy product, the longevity of which shows its inherently intelligent, reliable and robust design.

The torque range was from 14 to 3,000 Nm (10 to 2,200 lbf.ft) direct drive, up to 250,000 Nm (185,000 lbf.ft) quarter-turn and up to 40,800 Nm (30,000 lbf.ft) multi-turn (rotary).

  • Oil bath lubricated IP68 double-sealed option
  • Complete integral motor control or customer supplied motor control
  • Isolating and regulating duty
  • Separate motor control where required (SyncroSET actuator)

The IQ3 SET feature is a bridge between legacy products such as ‘A’ range and investment in the latest actuation technology. It means that Rotork’s IQ3 intelligent actuator is now backwards compatible to the 1960s; legacy actuators on a site that have non-integral starters (SyncroSET) can be upgraded to the latest intelligent actuator platform, managing obsolescence concerns.

See 'A' Range Literature Page and IQ3 SET for further details.

'A' Range Electric Actuator