LX Series

LX Series Type K Damper Drive

The LX Series pneumatic linear damper drive is proven to be the most reliable, robust and premium quality drive for severe duty applications. A properly specified LX Series is capable of operating for millions of cycles in harsh applications with little or no maintenance.

  • Type K will provide a cylinder to match the dimensions of the existing linear pneumatic or electric damper drive, eliminating costly field engineering, modifications or fabrication
  • ‘Ultimate’ rod gland cleaning system cleans the piston rod as it retracts into the linear drive
  • Wide variety of bore diameter and stroke lengths


  • Discrete voltage input for Open / Close service
  • Pneumatic, analogue or bus network modulating inputs
  • Travel and alarm limit switches
  • Continuous position feedback
  • Remote mount positioner to remove electronics from high-temperature area


  • Burner nozzle tilt
  • SOFA nozzle tilt
  • Mill hot / cold air isolation slide gates
  • Mill primary air outlet shut-off valve
  • Mill pyrite box cylinder
  • Boiler bottom ash hopper sluice gate
  • Baghouse inlet louver isolation
  • Baghouse outlet poppet style isolation
  • Baghouse and electrostatic precipitator ash hopper
  • Burner extend and retract oil guns
  • Emergency air doors on bottom of furnaces and fired heaters

See Main Type K Catalogue for further details.

LX Series Type K Damper Drive