IW - Quarter-Turn Worm

IW Worm Gearbox Range

The IW range of quadrant Worm gear valve operators is available in manual and motorised configurations and features a removable sleeve to facilitate bore and keyway machining. This sleeve can be rotated in steps to facilitate mounting to the valve.

IW size 3 to 13 torque range up to 264,000 Nm.

IW size 14 to 17 torque range from 250,000 Nm to 850,000 Nm.

  • Worm shaft supported by angular contact bearing
  • High efficiency and multiple ratios
  • Removable drive sleeves up to IW11
  • Stroke: 0 to 90º (+/- 5º adjustable)

See IW Literature Page for further details.

IW Worm Gearbox Range