SD Series Manual Override Gearboxes

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Mastergear SD Series Manual Override Gearboxes

Based on the cast iron construction and rugged design of the M Series, the SD Series has been modified by new components to achieve a manual override gearbox, thus facilitating the fit of gearboxes between a pneumatic or hydraulic actuator and a valve.

Through corrosion resistant treatment of bare metal surfaces, a paint finish and the use of suitable sealing systems, the SD range is sealed to IP67 and achieves exceptional durability.

All models use high performance axial needle roller bearings, which combined with a one-piece input wormshaft, maximises the available mechanical advantage and overall unit efficiency.

The use of accessories like torque plugs between gear and actuator, mounting brackets for isolating the valve and the use of different materials for the construction, make these units suitable for different applications and environmental situations.

Product Features:

  • Sealed to IP67
  • Maintenance free
  • Self locking/high efficiency
  • High mechanical advantage
  • Cast iron enclosure
  • Interchangeable output drive bushings
  • 90 deg +/- 5 deg (adjustable) travel
  • To 50.00 Nm output torque
  • 5 Frame sizes
  • 50% grease filled for life
  • -20 deg to +80 deg temperature range for continuous operation
  • Unrivalled versatility through different sizes of cover and base flange sizes
Mastergear Logo Mastergear SD Series Manual Override Gearboxes

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