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CVL Linear

The Rotork CVL linear, electric process control actuator, offers a highly accurate and responsive method of automating control valves, without the complexity and cost of a pneumatic supply. With an increased focus on production costs and efficiency, accurate control of product through the pipeline is paramount. With resolution figures better than 0.1% and the ability to eliminate position overshoot, the Rotork CVL helps to maximise product quality and plant capacity.

The CVL delivers a range of sizes suitable for almost all linear control valve applications requiring highly accurate positioning. It offers end users high standards in performance, build quality and overall value.


  • Single-Phase or Direct Current power supplies
  • Linear drive action
  • On-board datalogger included as standard
  • Bluetooth compatible for local setup / control and diagnostics
  • Accurate and repeatable positional control using 4-20 mA signal
  • Digital communication options including HART, Profibus and Foundation Fieldbus
  • Direct torque / thrust measurement for protection and monitoring
  • Scalable control input characterisation
  • Configurable fail-to-position option using supercapacitor technology
  • Optional Intrinsically Safe control inputs and feedback outputs
  • Continuous unrestricted modulation duty – S9
  • Watertight IP68 and explosionproof enclosures
  • Optional manual override.

See CVA Range Literature Page for Further Details

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