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New range of hand operated bevel gearboxes
The new range of HOB/MPR bevel gearboxes from Rotork Gears is designed to offer robust and cost effective manual operation of gate valves, globe valves and penstocks.
Rotork CQ Compact actuators – power and performance where space is limited
The launch of the Rotork CQ Compact introduces a range of fully concentric, balanced design pneumatic and hydraulic valve actuators that deliver a reliable and efficient self-contained solution for…
SMART-LOC™ delivers the modular solution for pneumatic actuator control
Rotork Midland introduces SMART-LOC, a new high integrity modular concept for pneumatic actuator control assemblies. Constructed in 316L stainless steel, the SMART-LOC system is particularly suitable…
Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne visits Rotork
Rotork was pleased to welcome George Osborne to the Bath Rotork factory on 12th December. The purpose of his visit was to see how research and development tax credits help British firms to take on…
Third generation Skilmatic delivers smarter failsafe actuation
The Rotork Skilmatic SI self-contained electro-hydraulic valve actuator combines all-electric simplicity with the precision of hydraulic actuation and the reliability of mechanical failsafe…
Rotork riding high again in Britain’s Most Admired Companies Awards
Pictured here, Rotork Chief Executive Peter France receives a Britain’s Most Admired Companies Award from Lord Heseltine and Matthew Gwyther, editor of Management Today magazine.
Orders in the pipeline support Colombia’s increased flow of oil
Rotork EH electro-hydraulic actuators have been selected as a reliable solution for failsafe valve control on a pivotal new oil pipeline under construction in Colombia.
Gas blending process adopts Rotork CVA for improved accuracy, economy and…
13/11/2014 Available In: English , Polski
Rotork’s innovative CVA electric control valve actuator technology has successfully delivered an improvement in performance with reduced operating costs for the vital gas blending process on a…
District heating is hot news for Rotork
The Metropolitan Copenhagen Heating Transmission Company (CTR) has selected Rotork IQ3 valve actuators to replace actuators from another manufacturer that have suffered permanent damage from the…
A helping hand for local monitoring and control of actuators in inaccessible…
The new Remote Hand Station enables safe and secure local monitoring and control of Rotork IQ3 actuators installed in inaccessible locations.
Showing Results 1 to 10 of 339
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