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Excellent track record secures CVA selection for critical coal seam gas…
Rotork CVA failsafe electric process valve actuators have been selected for a critical flow control application in the Australian coal mining industry.
New Rotork Service Centre in South Korea
A new service centre has been opened in Korea in Yeosu City. The new site, known as Yeosu Service Centre, has a factory area of nearly 500 m2 and an office area of over 180 m2.
Electro-hydraulic actuators deliver improved safety at India’s tank farms
Following an accidental fire at the IOCL Jaipur Terminal, an extensive review of safety measures recommended by the MB Lal Committee has resulted in the introduction of failsafe actuators for…
Rotork CMAs enable shale gas well compliance with EPA emissions mandates
02/07/2015 Read this in: English , Русский
Rotork CMA electric control valve actuators have delivered an efficient and reliable process control solution and eliminated venting and greenhouse gas emissions in compliance with new environmental…
New Service Centre enhances support for Rotork clients in Scotland
24/06/2015 Read this in: English , Русский
Rotork UK has announced the opening of a new Service Centre in Glasgow to provide enhanced, faster and more economical support for its flow control products in Scotland.
New gearbox for motorised quarter-turn applications
15/06/2015 Read this in: English , Русский
The latest addition to the market-leading range of gearboxes manufactured by Rotork Gears is a rugged, industrial grade product designed for use with motorised quarter-turn valves and dampers.
Rotork launches 3rd generation IQT intelligent part-turn valve actuator
05/06/2015 Read this in: English , Русский , Polski
The introduction of the new Rotork IQT electric valve actuator brings the advanced functionality and asset management capabilities of Rotork’s 3rd generation intelligent technology to the…
Switch to Rotork eliminates trauma of unreliability on River Thames weir
29/05/2015 Read this in: English , Русский
Rotork IQ3 non-intrusive intelligent electric actuators have been chosen to replace unreliable actuators for the operation of radial gates on an important river management weir on the River Thames.
YTC positioners lead the way in tough applications
07/05/2015 Read this in: English , Русский , Polski
Process industries often depend on high performance valve actuation in harsh environments. Despite the difficult surroundings, process plants demand the latest technology, such as smart positioners,…
Higher thrust ratings for Rotork spur gearboxes
22/04/2015 Read this in: English , Русский
The introduction of the IS21 gearbox adds higher thrust ratings to Rotork’s established range of multi-turn, thrust taking spur gearboxes.
Showing Results 1 to 10 of 359